WHO WE ARE – Vajraghata


My name is Gabriele Andreoli, and Vajraghata is the approach to yoga that I have developed after 13 years of live teaching with thousands of students.

I was born and live in Milan, Italy, where I started cultivating my interest in Eastern physical and spiritual arts since early childhood. I got an MA in Indian Philosophy in 2002, and soon after started practicing Ashtanga, followed by countless other styles and paths.

I always felt like the odd one out though, especially in the teaching community, as I tend to be allergic to any excess of spiritual purity, sentimentalism and obsession with physical performance and aesthetics.

Honestly, I don’t think the people who originally came up with yoga 5000 years ago were as prissy as we are today.

They were badasses.

So a little while ago I started offering classes based on my own understanding and sensitivity, which is pretty rough and wild really, and I was myself startled by how beneficial and fun it was for everybody.

I named it Vajraghata, which means being struck by thunderbolt, because of the great intensity of this practice.

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